Why Craig Wright Triggers Anarchists


Pseudonymous, not Anonymous

When Craig released the BitCoin white paper, among the first complaints was the fact that BitCoin transactions were not anonymous. This feature would make operating outside of the law much more difficult. Since many of the cypherpunks were interested in operating outside of laws which they felt were unjust, anonymity was viewed as preferable.

Legally Compliant

BSV seeks to be legally compliant. Many ancaps have a strong negative association with legal compliance. This is understandable, but it isn’t a practical route for building solutions at scale. I support agorism, but we have to recognize that gray market operations can only scale to a certain point before governments must make a decision on whether to crack down or not.

Craig Wright

Prefers Courts to Signatures

This isn’t an article about whether or not Craig Wright is Satoshi. That article has come and continues to come from enough people in the crypto space. However, it is worth bringing up the fact that most people see the fact that Craig has not publicly produced a signature using Satoshi’s private key, specifically the key used in the genesis block, as the most damning evidence against Craig’s assertion that he is Satoshi.

Uses IP

There is a lot of diversity of opinion among ancaps in regards to IP. However, using the state to gain a competitive advantage tends to rub ancaps the wrong way no matter the justification. Craig is very much using the state’s willingness to enforce IP laws as a tool to benefit his business interests. This is undeniable, but is it undesirable?



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